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Civil Practice Areas

Civil Practice Areas

In addition to representing clients in need of Criminal Defense, attorneys at Wilber Law Firm have broad experience in the areas of Family Law and Civil Practice. Clients seeking legal representation on a variety of civil matters, such as insurance, employment and contract disputes, rely upon our attorneys to help them get the fair treatment and justice they deserve.

Wilber Law Offices

For aggressive, compassionate and experienced legal support, contact Wilber Law Offices in Santa Rosa, CA. Attorneys R. Ryan Wilber and Rachel Wilber provide legal representation in the areas of Personal Injury, Civil and Criminal Defense and Family Law. Many disputes are resolved through negotiation and mediation talks, without the added expense of a court trial. Our mission is to provide high quality, cost-efficient legal services to clients from Santa Rosa, Napa, Martin, Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.

Attorneys R. Ryan Wilber and Rachel Wilber

When litigation is called for, Attorney R. Ryan Wilber presents a strong and aggressive case on behalf of his clients. Solving civil legal matters in negotiation is preferred, but when a solution cannot be reached, he is ready to pursue justice and fairness for clients in the courtroom. He spends about a quarter of his time working for clients on Civil Practice matters, the same on Family Law issues, and the balance of his work is Criminal Defense.

Since becoming licensed to practice law in California in 2009, Attorney Rachel Wilber has become known for her personal dedication to achieving client goals and meticulous attention to case details. She is a compassionate supporter and legal strong-arm for clients that need help solving Civil Practice legal matters.

Santa Rosa Personal Injury Attorneys

Many clients come to Wilber Law Offices for help from our Santa Rosa Personal Injury Attorneys. The aftermath of accidents caused by negligent behavior can cripple a person financially, above their physical, mental and emotional injuries. Get the fairness and justice you deserve through strong legal representation by Attorneys R. Ryan Wilber and Rachel Wilber.

Sonoma County Civil Harassment Orders Lawyers

Many clients that we see in our Civil Practice as Sonoma County Civil Harassment Orders Lawyers are looking for help because they are harassed at their workplace. Defending civil rights for clients is a major area of focus in our Civil Practice at Wilber Law Offices. Freedom from harassment, fear, intimidation and discrimination are basic rights we defend on behalf of our clients.

If you have a civil dispute, harassment issues or other legal problems to solve, contact Wilber Law Offices, in Santa Rosa, CA, for legal representation.

We are successful helping clients get the justice they deserve. Call us now, at: (707) 955-5298.

Our Philosophy

Each person who comes to us is equal and deserves the highest quality of honest representation. We take your concerns seriously and investigate everything thoroughly.

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