Client Charged With Possession For Sales Of Marijuana And Offering To Sell Marijuana, Felonies, And Possession Of Ammunition As A Felon, A Misdemeanor

He faced up to a four year prison term if convicted.  Client posted an ad on Craigslist offering to sell marijuana to “Prop 215 patients.”  This ad caused him to be the target of an undercover sting operation by the Santa Rosa police department.  At jury trial, a medical marijuana collective defense was presented.  The client had a valid medical marijuana recommendation, and testified that he only provided marijuana from his grow to others who verified to him that they also had a valid medical marijuana card.  He testified that he did not make a profit and simply wanted to help other patients access medical marijuana.  The jury hung, and a mistrial was granted.  At the second trial, the jury acquitted of the ammunition charge and hung on the marijuana charges.  When the time came to try the case a third time, all charges were dismissed.