Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Can I have my jail time converted to community service?
A:  Typically a judge will not convert your jail sentence to community service.  If your sentence has already been imposed, this is especially unlikely.  However, you may be eligible for jail alternatives such as work release or electronic home confinement.  In some cases, community service could be negotiated instead of a jail sentence.  This question is best answered if we know the specifics of your particular case.  

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Q: I’m done with my probation.  Can I have my case expunged?
A:  Whether you are eligible for an expungement depends on the type of case you were convicted of, as well as your performance on probation.  In some cases, if you never violated your probation you may be entitled to an expungement!  This is a fairly simple process we can handle for you quickly.  In other cases, however, depending on whether you violated probation or if you were convicted of a DUI or other charge, it may be up to the judge whether you deserve to have your case expunged.  You will need an attorney to advocate for you, showing the judge why you are deserving of this privilege.  We have handled hundreds of expungements and know what the court is looking for.  

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