New DUI Law Is Now in Effect Statewide

The start of the new year has brought big changes in the state of California, especially for motorists who have been previously convicted of driving under the influence. In a statewide effort to deter impaired driving, a new law is now in effect that requires repeated DUI offenders to install an ignition interlock device (IID) into their vehicles. Under SB 1046, these motorists must use the device for a designated period to fully restore their driving privileges.

An IID is essentially a breathalyzer. It’s the size of a cellular phone and is electrically wired into your vehicle’s ignition system. To start the vehicle, a motorist must blow into this device. Then, it will measure, based on a pre-set limit of .02, if the driver is sober enough to safely drive. If a person’s blood alcohol content (BAC) exceeds the limit, the IID locks down for a few minutes, with a longer lockout for subsequent failed tests. Second and third chances are given for people who may have used mouthwash shortly before using the device, as it will trigger a positive test result. After a few minutes, however, the alcohol in the mouthwash should dissolve.

As you drive, the IID may request a “running retest,” in which you’ll be required to blow into the locks periodically until you get to your destination. If drivers don’t pass this test, the horn will be set to honk or lights will flash, alerting law enforcement that said motorist is impaired.

As of now, DUI offenders must install an IID under the following circumstances:

  • First offense DUI with no injury: offenders choose between a six-month IID period or a one-year restricted license
  • First offense DUI with injury: mandatory IID for one year
  • Second DUI offense: mandatory IID for one year
  • Third DUI offense: mandatory IID for two years
  • Fourth and subsequent DUIs: mandatory IID for three years

Offenders will also be responsible for paying for the IID itself, its installation, and its calibration. It costs $70-$150 to install, and about $60-80 to cover calibration and monitoring.

California is late on the bandwagon of enforcing IIDs as a repercussion for DUI offenders. It’s the 31st state to approve these devices.

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