DUI Resources

DUI Resources

Our DUI Resources section provides information on Vehicle Code Sections, Breathalyzers, and Blood testing, DUI License Suspension, License Suspension Hearings and More. Contact Wilber Law Offices DUI Attorney for a free initial consultation.

Vehicle Code Sections Applicable to DUI Charges

Sections 23152-23229.1: This body of statutes provide a definition of the misdemeanor and felony drunk driving, along with a few attendant sections.

Section 23136: The so-called “zero tolerance” law applying to drivers under 21 with 0.01% blood-alcohol.

Section 23140: Drivers under 21 with blood-alcohol of 0.05% or greater.

Section 23520-23521: DUI “sentencing” in juvenile court.

Section 23502: Further provisions for those convicted of Section 23140 (drivers under 21).

Section 23536 etc: Sentencing provisions for misdemeanor DUI.

Section 23554 etc: Sentencing provisions for felony DUI.

Section 23572: Additional penalties (“enhancements”) in misdemeanor drunk driving cases.

Section 23575 etc: Provisions requiring installation of “ignition interlock devices” (IIDs).

Sections 23247-23249: Further describes requirements for installing court-ordered ignition interlock devices.

Sections 23592-23596: More sentencing provisions.

Breathalyzers and Blood Testing

How Breathalyzers Work

With excellent simplicity, this describes how these machines generally work. This is a very non-scientific description but gives you the basic idea.

Alcohol Intoxication Testing

Basic overview of blood alcohol testing

Introduction to Forensic Toxicology

Evaluation and analysis of toxins in one’s blood.

Breath Testing Machines

Overview of breath testing.

Intoxilyzer 5000

The (old) standard breathalyzer used by many of the police agencies when investigating DUI.

DUI License Suspension

DUI License Suspension Statutes

California Vehicle Code sections defining suspensions in DUI cases.


The California Department of Motor Vehicles.


The Department of Motor Vehicle’s answers to frequently asked questions about DUI license suspensions.

Drivers Under 21

California’s Zero Tolerance license suspension statutes applying to under-21 drivers arrested for DUI.

The License Suspension Hearing

Questions and answers from the DMV about the administrative hearing to contest the automatic DUI suspension. (Reminder: You must request a hearing within 10 days of arrest or you waive any right to a hearing.)

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