White Collar Crime

White Collar Crimes

Fraud. Embezzlement. Forgery. Money laundering. Bribery. Tax evasion. Securities fraud. These are just a few of what are referred to as “white collar” crimes. Often committed in the course of one’s employment and often by those with power, this type of crime is financially motivated and typically involve some kind of deceit or theft. Despite no violence being involved, these crimes carry hefty penalties upon conviction and could result in repayment of restitution, probation, forfeiture, jail time or even prison.

This type of crime can destroy reputations and businesses. Defending these crimes takes a skilled attorney with an eye for detail, who can comb through paperwork and evaluate your case thoroughly.

If you are facing a white collar crime, Wilber Law Offices has attorneys who are zealous, detail-oriented, and dedicated to exploring every avenue of your case. We understand how frightening and stressful it is to be charged with a crime and we wholeheartedly believe in your right to present a competent and rigorous defense, whether that is to negotiate a lesser penalty for you or to stand up in court for you at a jury trial.

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